May 27, 2011

Umm, Jeggings?

Jacket: Urban Outfitters.  Dress:  ModCloth.
Jeggings and orange necklace: Target.  Green necklace: Anthro.
H&M cage sandals.  Big Buddha bag.

These are my $10 Target Jeggings.
I feel like I could stop right there.  Done.  Enough said.

Except that I won't.  Instead I'll share with you just how skeptical of the whole "jeggings" thing I was when they first started making their way into stores not that long ago.
Um, excuse me, leggings that look like jeans? Fake pockets included?  And elastic waistbands?
Yeah right. No thanks.

And now look at me.  I pull these pants out of my closet and think: Thank you, elastic waistband.  I love you.  You're my best friend.

There's probably a lesson here.  Something about how you should never laugh at fashion trends, because sooner or later, you'll hop on board with everyone else and never look back.  Ok that seems like a lie.  I'll probably look back in 5-10 years and be like, "what was I thinking?"

But then again, by that time, jeggings could be making a comeback.  You just never know.  Look at the Flared Jean.  It's partying again like it's 1999.  Or maybe more like 1979.


  1. I was equally as skeptical of the jeggings, but sometimes I don't even know what I would do without them! How did anyone ever survive a thanksgiving dinner before jeggings?!?!

  2. Def, have to get me some! I was skeptical too but after having to unbotton my skinnie jeans everytime I sit, the thought of breathable fabric, elastic waist is too much to resist! Love the look as always and I tagged you on my blog for your bag contents so check it out and participate if ya like :)