May 31, 2011

First Romp of the Year

Grey striped cardigan:  F21.  Romper:  Target.
H&M scarf and wedges.  Ollipop silver and gold ring.
Vivi Dot Paisley Foliage Sutro Park Neckace and button ring.

I went against my better judgement when I put this romper on.  It's my legs.  They're just so darn white and... pasty even?
But heck with it, I say.  Hey, pale skin used to be preferred and even sought after by the rich and famous at one point in history.  True, it was Marie Antoinette's decollete, not legs, that was being flaunted.  But whatever. 
Maybe one day the sun will come out long enough for me to get some color.  But I won't hold my breath or anything like that.


  1. I have accepted the fact i will always be pale! But you look super cute in this romper!! I have still not bought a romper, i tried one on at f21 but didn't buy it. i need someone to go with me and convince me how great it looks lol

  2. I rock my pale legs like nobody's business. Pasty skin does not keep me from romping, and I wouldn't want to live a life where I wasn't free to romp on. So romp on with your white legs. Romp on!