May 1, 2011

Happy May Day

Blouse and Glasses: Nordstrom. Jeans: Citizens of Humanity. Jacket: Target. Bag: H&M

Well, here I go into the blogging world.  I am starting this blog for two reasons. One: because my friend Molly said I should, and Two: do you ever have a really awesome outfit on one day and when you try to recreate it weeks later you can't?  That sure happens to me, all the time.  So now I have a way to document my crazy outfits forever: on a blog, where the world can freely view my experimentations in fashion. Awesome. Wait, this is a good idea, right?


  1. Yes! It's definitely a good idea- and not just because I said so ;) Can't wait to keep up with all of your amazing ensembles online!

  2. This look is awesome, I adore the necklace!

    Your blog is great, so glad to have found it :)

    ps: I have a hair crush!


  3. This was really a good idea, your stile is amazing! I love to look at you!!