May 29, 2011

Tag! What's In Your Bag?

So, here I am partaking in my first game of Internet Tag, thanks to Baby Budget Blog.   

The game:  Once tagged by a fellow blogger, you must reveal the items you carry around with you in your bag.

Shoot, I'm so new to this whole blogging thing, I better play by the rules. 
So here's my pretty uneventful bag of goodies....

First off, lets just all collectively make fun of how many bracelets I have in my bag.  I spy 3.  Hmm, wonder why I'm carrying all these around.  I guess you just never know when a quick accessory change is needed.

Second, do you spy my new iPhone?  (hint: it has cherries on it).  I am in love with this thing and am slightly addicted to it.  I mean, how have I lived this long without checking everyone's Facebook status every 10 minutes?  Ok, more like 5 minutes.

I also see 3 different lipstick colors (Clinique, Bobbi Brown), face moisturizer (Hope In a Jar), a protective sock for the iPhone (hey, it can get cold in my bag), Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses (and case), a sample of my new favorite perfume (Si Lolita), and headphones with built-in hands-free mic (safety first).  Other necessities: cookies n' cream flavored hard candy, cinnamon gum (yum, tastes like hot tamales), one bobby pin, a nasty, hair-coated elastic band (I'm gross), and finally, my owl keychain.  

Oh yeah, there's also my big orange wallet (not sure of the brand), and the cute little froggy coin purse where I stash girly supplies.

The bag is my big, shiny green Big Buddha purse.  I love the seersucker lining, perfect for spring (thanks for the great b-day present, Friend!)  You can see me carrying it here, here, and here.

Well now, I have a lot more crap in my purse than I thought.  Hmm, the things you learn about yourself through a harmless game of tag.

And now, (drumroll please)...
tag!'re it ;)


  1. I'm love seeing what others carry in their purse! That owl keychain is adorable.

    I need to get a brightly colored wallet. Mine's black and it's always buried in the depths of my purse. Having a bright color would make it so much easier to find :-)