May 23, 2011

Redone: The Slouch

Brocade jacket:  ModCloth
Wednesday's shorts.  Thursday's heels.
Friday's top and accessories.

So, shortly after posting Friday's outfit I had this thought:  "Hmm, wonder if we're going Out tonight." (we didn't.)  But I wanted an outfit at the ready, just in case we suddenly felt like painting the town red. So I did a spin on the outfit I was already wearing, just adding some short shorts and high heels.

Because that always makes for a fun night Out.

Thought I'd share how I quickly turned Slumpy Slouch into Sassy Slouch.  So here you have it.  Happy Monday.  May your day be bright and your outfit outta sight.  Yep, I just went there. 


  1. Cute!!! Love the shoes!

  2. What a lovely outfit! Cute hairsytle too. :)

  3. awesome photos and blog! new follower!

    Gwyneth :)