May 10, 2011

In Your Easter Bonnet

Dress: H&M.  Jacket: Gap. Vividot Beauty Bar Doors Polaroid Necklace.
Hobo International clutch. Naughty Monkey wedges. 
 ...With all the frills upon it.

Alright, it's not Easter at all.  I am fully aware that Easter was more than two weeks ago.  But I didn't have a blog yet on Easter, did I? And now I do.  So there you go.

Truth be told, it's not an Easter bonnet at all either, but a flower necklace I turned into a hair accessory via bobby pins and some simple white tulle.

My favorite thing that happened to me while I was wearing this on Easter Sunday:  my brother, who's a freshman in college, looks my outfit up and down and sincerely inquires, "Um, are you supposed to wear socks with that?"
Why yes I am, thanks for asking.


  1. hey I found you over at Kendi's blog :) wanted to follow... support you in your new blogging adventure. And I like your style, like how you decorate and clothes :)

  2. SOOOOO pretty! That dress is darling. Love the color and print and the waist line and the green trench on top is perfect as are the socks and shoes!!