May 9, 2011

In The Garden

Tank: Anthropologie.  Pant: H&M.  Jacket: Urban Outfitters.
Toms wedges.  R&Y Augousti oversized clutch.

Confession. Sometimes I pretend I'm in an Anthropologie catalog.  Is there something wrong with that? I know, it's really dorky. And super embarrassing. 

Well great, now that everyone knows how cool I am (or at least my six followers, thanks you guys!), let's share some more things: I also have this dream of living in one of their stores.  Just think about it for a minute: it always smells so nice, there's all sorts of nooks and crannies to explore, at least one spectacular bed is available to sleep in, and who doesn't want all those nifty kitchen things? Um, and lets not forget, oh, all the fabulous clothes that would be at my disposal.

One more secret:  those pants, yep, they're stretchy dance pants.  And there's a black tank hidden somewhere under there too.  Ready to dance, but no one needs to know.


  1. You most certainly look like you belong in an Anthro shoot! Love that last pic, love the top, the belt, the jacket! The entire look is great!

    Follow each other?

  2. Excellent! Following you now! and I need to utilize NY more for my photos (I live in NJ but work in NY and sometimes it's a pain to lug the camera in)!