May 18, 2011

Shorts and Stripes

Sweater: Nordstrom.  Shorts and Necklace: Anthro.
Banana Republic Menswear Shirt.
Boots: ModCloth. 
Not sure if I made a real-life outfit here or just glorified jammies.
No matter- I wore it out in public anyways.  Yes, shorts... in the real world.  Gasp!  And bonus, no one even looked at me funny.
Well, at least not to my face.


  1. Love that Anthro necklace and this outfit is just wonderful! Love your mix of prints in the subtle color! I just works!!

  2. but..u look super in shorts girl!! :))
    and oh.. u did manage somehow to match your hair and necklace :P (beautiful necklace btw. very very interesting!