Jun 30, 2011

Whites. Simple as That.

Pant and necklace:  Anthro.  Banana Republic menswear shirt.
H&M belt.  Naughty Monkey wedges.
Vivi Dot button rings.  Vintage flower ring.
Well, not pure white.  Whites with some added texture, like a subtle khaki stripe and a pale yellow plaid.
You know, to keep things visually interesting.

Jun 29, 2011

All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

  Top: ModCloth.  Belt:  Anthro.  F21 shorts.
Seychelles heels.  
Vivi Dot hair pins.  R&Y Augousti clutch.

So I'm a pretty cool kid.  And when I say that, read: "not cool at all.  actually feel free to mock me behind by back."

Today's reason that I'm calling myself a cool kid (because, honestly, there are several reasons)-

I had this great idea for an outfit, got it all put together, crimped my hair (yes, you read that right.  crimped.) thought, hey this is a good one.  I feel good.  Lets do something amazing today.
And then proceeded to do nothing better in said outfit than to roam around the house cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing out the toilet, folding some laundry, and oh yeah, taking photos of myself to document the momentous day.
*for the record, none of these events go down in my book as 'something amazing.'  just to clear that up.

I'm pretty awesome.  And you're totally jealous of that awesomeness right now.

Jun 28, 2011

Just Jeans

Tee shirt:  Anthro.  Tote: Urban Outfitters.
Citizens of Humanity jeans.  TOMS wedges.

Nothing fancy about my outfit today, friends.  So-Not-Fancy, apparently, that I even forwent the hair brushing.  Shoot.

But as it is my self-appointed mission (quest? job? crazy idea?) to document my daily outfits, here I am.  Sans any fancy jewelry or anything.  And you know what, it feels really nice to just wear jeans and a tee shirt for a change. 

Ahh, the ease of it all.

Jun 27, 2011

Monday's Mix: Not For the Vertically Challenged.

and welcome to the first day of the last week of June. 
 (What!? How did that even happen?!)

Today I will be remixing these components from last week:

Wednesday's blouse.  
     Friday's dress. 
        Thursday's shoes, hat, and necklace.

wait for it...
                                          ...are you ready?

here you go.  Monday's Mix.

good thing I'm on the tall side.  and that I like wearing high shoes.  because I definitely have a maxi tube-top dress around my waist right now.

 don't worry, I've only tripped like twice trying to walk up the stairs.  risky, I know.  but I'm a trooper.

Jun 24, 2011

Road Trip!

Tank: Nordstrom.  Belt and wedges:  Anthro.
F21 maxi dress.  
Vivi Dot Teal and Purple Scalloped Watch Necklace.

Long, easy layers for a four hour road trip across the state.  Hooray for weddings and weekend getaways!

Jun 23, 2011

Snakes. Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?

Pant, blouse, and necklace:  Anthro.  Fedora:  Nordstrom.
Wedges:  ModCloth.  F21 blazer. 

No, I'm not going on some kind of safari or Indiana Jones-type adventure.  Although I see how the hat and cargo pants my lead you to believe otherwise.

Well, unless Happy Hour goes horribly wrong.  Hmm, maybe I should pack my Indy-approved whip just in case disaster strikes.

I wonder if I can chase bad guys in these shoes.  Risky.

Jun 22, 2011

All Things Old

Blouse:  Thrifted.  Belt and shoes:  Anthro.
Banana Republic skirt.  Steven by Steve Madden bag.
Do you ever get extremely proud of yourself for shopping your own closet?

I sure do.  All the time.  Just another one of my "go me" moments.
 Go, me.

The newest thing I wore today were probably my wedges, and I purchased those guys approximately 2 summers ago.  (So glad I did, by the way. I wear them with, like, everything when it gets hot out.)   Everything else:  old, old, old.

There's just nothing more rewarding than creating something fresh out of separates you already have.   So thrifty, so sly, so resourceful.

Or at least that's what I tell myself.
     p.s. linen is dumb and wrinkly.

Totally unrelated:  I had to share this end-of-the-year thank-you note from one of my little modern dancers. (NOT mordern. wink.)

it's not that I'm looking for approvals from my fourth graders about what I wear (they have no idea about this blog, btw).
but man.

Jun 21, 2011

They Pay Me To Make Coffee

Floral cardigan: Anthro.  Boots: F21.
H&M dress and belt.  
Vivi Dot Paisley Foliage Sutro Park Necklace. 

Some days are just unexpected.  Like today, I did not plan to spend my whole day in my coffee-making clothes.  But here I am, still wearing black.  And it's past 7.  Ahh the joys of summer and no evening plans.

As a result, you, lucky reader, get to see what kind of outfit choices I make at 4am while getting ready for work.  Here it is.
So amazing.

But boy did I sure have fun on my lunch date.  Thanks, Friend.  Let's do that more often.

Jun 20, 2011

Monday's Mix: I Wish it Were Jammies Instead.

Man, I'll tell you what.  If I had been thinking ahead, I would have just worn sweats or jammies all last week.  Because that's the only thing I wanted to remix today.  

And since we're all about honesty on this blog, I will divulge that I wore them for approximately 80% of the day as it was. 

Finally though, I pulled myself together, took a shower, washed my hair (hallelujah!), and compiled these separates from last week.  You're welcome, friends.

Because I know pajama outfit posts aren't the most inspiring. 
Or are they?
Tuesday's skirt.
Thurday's tunic.
Sunday's heels and vintage necklace.
Wednesday's Vivi Dot necklace.

and I give you...
Monday's Mix

*I would like to take this opportunity to pat myself on the back for this one.
It doesn't even SLIGHTLY resemble jammies.
Go me.