Jun 22, 2011

All Things Old

Blouse:  Thrifted.  Belt and shoes:  Anthro.
Banana Republic skirt.  Steven by Steve Madden bag.
Do you ever get extremely proud of yourself for shopping your own closet?

I sure do.  All the time.  Just another one of my "go me" moments.
 Go, me.

The newest thing I wore today were probably my wedges, and I purchased those guys approximately 2 summers ago.  (So glad I did, by the way. I wear them with, like, everything when it gets hot out.)   Everything else:  old, old, old.

There's just nothing more rewarding than creating something fresh out of separates you already have.   So thrifty, so sly, so resourceful.

Or at least that's what I tell myself.
     p.s. linen is dumb and wrinkly.

Totally unrelated:  I had to share this end-of-the-year thank-you note from one of my little modern dancers. (NOT mordern. wink.)

it's not that I'm looking for approvals from my fourth graders about what I wear (they have no idea about this blog, btw).
but man.

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