Jun 29, 2011

All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

  Top: ModCloth.  Belt:  Anthro.  F21 shorts.
Seychelles heels.  
Vivi Dot hair pins.  R&Y Augousti clutch.

So I'm a pretty cool kid.  And when I say that, read: "not cool at all.  actually feel free to mock me behind by back."

Today's reason that I'm calling myself a cool kid (because, honestly, there are several reasons)-

I had this great idea for an outfit, got it all put together, crimped my hair (yes, you read that right.  crimped.) thought, hey this is a good one.  I feel good.  Lets do something amazing today.
And then proceeded to do nothing better in said outfit than to roam around the house cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing out the toilet, folding some laundry, and oh yeah, taking photos of myself to document the momentous day.
*for the record, none of these events go down in my book as 'something amazing.'  just to clear that up.

I'm pretty awesome.  And you're totally jealous of that awesomeness right now.


  1. That's a super cute green clutch!
    Sounds like you need a girls day out, or just take yourself on a date! Cleaning too much is bad for the soul...

  2. This is kind of the story of my life. But dressing up is much too fun only to do on momentous occasions, isn't it? ^_^


  3. OH, YES, to that belt!!