Jun 13, 2011

Monday's Mix: Dress As Shirt

Last week's stolen pieces:
  Tuesday's dress.
   Wednesday's oxfords.
    Thursday's necklace and shorts.    

And the shiny-new Monday Mix is...

A dress!?!  As a shirt!?!  wow.
(at least it's not a shirt as a dress.)  (that would be awkward.)  (and probably kinda trashy.)

Again, thanks for visiting.
Stop on by whenever you please, I'll be here.
Maybe even with a pot of tea, if you're lucky.
Hope you know how to pour it through the internet, because I sure don't.


  1. That' s a great idea and a great combination. I love the way you mix these. And that necklace is awesome.
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.


  2. fantastic idea, tucking in the dress! Looks great, I am in love with the slouchy back tops like that. Just bought fabric to make some of my own for my shop!
    I'd love to share tea with you over the internet. Maybe we should practice sharing tea telepathically first, we'll burn through less computers that way ;)

  3. Totally works! I find I do that a lot lately since I've gained a couple of pounds, the thighs shouldn't be bared in some of my mini dresses so voila, I cool tunic over some shorts :)


  4. I like this dress / shirt!!! :)

    I'm a new follower :)
    Visit my blog, if you want :)

    Kisses, Celina