Jun 20, 2011

Monday's Mix: I Wish it Were Jammies Instead.

Man, I'll tell you what.  If I had been thinking ahead, I would have just worn sweats or jammies all last week.  Because that's the only thing I wanted to remix today.  

And since we're all about honesty on this blog, I will divulge that I wore them for approximately 80% of the day as it was. 

Finally though, I pulled myself together, took a shower, washed my hair (hallelujah!), and compiled these separates from last week.  You're welcome, friends.

Because I know pajama outfit posts aren't the most inspiring. 
Or are they?
Tuesday's skirt.
Thurday's tunic.
Sunday's heels and vintage necklace.
Wednesday's Vivi Dot necklace.

and I give you...
Monday's Mix

*I would like to take this opportunity to pat myself on the back for this one.
It doesn't even SLIGHTLY resemble jammies.
Go me.


  1. good job, miss stacie! and for the record, i would totally find a sweats/jammies post inspiring.

  2. Now that it's summer and I am "free", if I don't get dressed by 10 I don't usually get dressed at all. The fact that my boyfriend still comes home every night to me sitting in my pajamas at 6pm drinking beers still amazes me :)

  3. heh- I love your funky styling with this skirt! totally adorable.

  4. Girl, I'm sure if you posted your pjs, you'd thow on some fabulous necklace, scrunch em up with some socks and heels and you'd look fierce, so yup, jammies are welcome :) Loving the remix here as usual...you can do no wrong in my book :)


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