Jun 21, 2011

They Pay Me To Make Coffee

Floral cardigan: Anthro.  Boots: F21.
H&M dress and belt.  
Vivi Dot Paisley Foliage Sutro Park Necklace. 

Some days are just unexpected.  Like today, I did not plan to spend my whole day in my coffee-making clothes.  But here I am, still wearing black.  And it's past 7.  Ahh the joys of summer and no evening plans.

As a result, you, lucky reader, get to see what kind of outfit choices I make at 4am while getting ready for work.  Here it is.
So amazing.

But boy did I sure have fun on my lunch date.  Thanks, Friend.  Let's do that more often.


  1. You look so cute in your little coffee outfit, and I think I might be in love with your bangs! Zero evening plans is the same story over here. Just dinner with the hubs then blogs, then bed. What a glamorous life indeed. :)


  2. Cool and comfy! Loving the skinny braided belt!