May 25, 2011

50's Housewife By Day...

Dress: ModCloth.  Apron: Anthro.  Report wedges.
Vivi Dot button earrings.

Welcome to my kitchen.  The cabinet color was chosen (and laboriously painted) by yours truly.  I am a firm believer that all mid-century houses should have mint green in them somewhere.

As for my clothes, yes, I've been known to do my chores in a dress.  That's what they made aprons for.  And I sort of have this thing for aprons.  They're just so dang practical.

I love this dress because Husband picked it out all by himself last year for my b-day.  And it matches my house so well, which makes me happy.  Every girl should have a least one dress that coordinates with her dwelling place, am I wrong?  
Oh right, that and a sparkly headband.


  1. What a great dress and apron! I think it's completely reasonable to do chores in a cute dress.

  2. LOVES!!!! Putting you on my blog roll! You're just too fabulous :)