Jan 30, 2012

I Love Layers

H&M button up shirts.  F21 cardigan.  Pilcro cords.  Boutique 9 oxfords.
I mean, come on.  
It's the only way to stay cozy and warm and interestingly patterned all at the same time.

Jan 19, 2012

Silly Knits and Snowy Days

Nine West coat.  H&M sweater, menswear button-up, and knit hat.
Ann Taylor gloves.  ModCloth Kiltie as Charged boot.  Tights: Anthro.

So the snow day has turned into a snow week. (!)
No complaints here, I (thankfully) have not had to drive anywhere in it.  Yet.  

Ha, and it was supposed to rain today.  
Sorry weatherpeople, this does not look like rain to me.  Pretty sure it's still snow.  And it hasn't stopped.  For the whole day.
Oh geez.

Jan 17, 2012

Snow Day!

Charlie & Robin cape.  Style&Co cream poncho sweater.
H&M turtleneck and gloves.  cheap-o rain boots.

I know, it looks like barely anything... 
but for this Seattlite girl, any snow is a big deal. Oh man, and they say this is just the start of some giant storm rolling in.  I can't wait.

Probably one of the best sounds in the world is that soft, muted, crunch of new snow under boots.  And I plan to be making that sound a lot in the next 24 hours.
Bring it on, Winter Wonderland.

Jan 15, 2012

Navy on Navy

BCBGirls coat.  Moth sweater dress.  Seychelles heels.

Sometimes a simple tone-on-tone outfit is just what a girl needs.

Jan 10, 2012

This Was Tricksy.

Chroma Sport jacket.  Moth sweater.  Banana Republic menswear shirt.
Pilcro cords.  Ann Taylor scarf.  Miss Albright heels.  Gap bag.

Black + White | Everybody, Everywear

I really love participating in the Everybody Everywear challenges, mostly because one day a month I get inspiration outside of myself on what to wear that day.  And let's face it, everyone needs a little help now and then.

Black and white, though.  Hmmm.  I had to think about this one for a couple of days.  I rarely wear these two contrasting colors together because, well, they just remind me of uniforms.  Throw on some black pants and a white button up shirt, and you could easily pass for any sort of caterer, barista, or anyone else in the food industry.  And I've done my share of wearing this combo just for such events.

So the challenge to myself was to create an ensemble that had nothing to do with that feeling. 
The final strategy I went with: layer up the white.  It creates interest and depth to the outfit (well, at least I find it interesting), something you wouldn't normally put on to go serve up some coffee.  Oh and I threw some other neutral colors in there too (navy, tan) for some more unexpectedness.  

Did I over-think this outfit a bit? Maybe.  But I like the outcome... 
so there.  

And strategizing about outfits is a good distraction sometimes, right?  You know you do it too.

Jan 7, 2012

Embellished tops and Cigarette Pants

Knitted & Knotted cardigan.  one.september top.  Pilcro cords.
Seychelles heels.

Jan 4, 2012

Fair Isle and Such

Banana Republic sweater.  F21 striped shirt.  Mossimo tank.
Citizens of Humanity jeans.  Miss Albright heels.  H&M scarf.
Olli Pop metal ring.  Vivi Dot feather ring.

I wish I had an amazing excuse for not posting for the last, oh, 10 days or so.  Like maybe I was on some tropical safari, disconnected from the world.  Or maybe that I ran away with the circus for a bit to befriend elephants and chimpanzees (i just recently re-read Water for Elephants, ok? Don't worry about it.)

But alas, none of these things happened to me.  The embarrassing truth goes like this:  So I got these new Ugg slippers from Santa.  And I haven't wanted to take them off. 

Sooooooooo, I have been wondering around my house in stretchy, non-binding clothes, wearing those lovely new slippers (and maybe a cozy knit hat, depending on the state of my hair that day), eating leftover Christmas cookies and pastries, and overall being a lazy, fat kid.  I'm not gonna lie, my jeans were a bit hard to button today.