Jul 29, 2011

The Blush

H&M dress.  Steve Madden oxfords.
H&M gold pendant necklace.  Porcelain necklace: Anthro.
I really love this blush color that's been hanging around this season.  It makes a sturdy, simple dress feel delicate, intimate, sheer, and o-so ladylike.  

Hey, even the hummingbirds like it.
ummmm, put a bird on it?!?

Jul 28, 2011

Kitten Heel. Meow.

Old Navy top and shorts.  Vest: Anthropologie.
MIA heels.  H&M gold necklace.  Nordstrom turquoise ring.
Vivi Dot Teal and Purple Scalloped Watch Necklace.
Along with today's outfit pictures, you get a list of random facts about what I'm wearing.  Here it goes.

1.  I bought these shorts in 8th grade.  No joke.
2.  This top (which makes me squeal with delight every time I take it out of the summer clothes bin) was on sale for right around 3 dolla a couple years ago.  I love it because it's strapless, but flowy and drapey at the bottom.  And comfy.  And it goes with lots o' stuff.
3.  These little grey patent pumps were purchased at the Forum Shops in Las Vegas one crazy-fun night because I could no longer walk in my sassy, super high, peep toe, black patent leather heels that were on my poor little feet.  We literally had to stop what we were doing and go get me different shoes because I couldn't move any more.  Ahhh Vegas.

Little did you know that this seemingly harmless outfit had a bunch of weird little stories behind it.  Aren't clothes great?

Jul 27, 2011

At The Mail Table

Top: Anthro.  Romper: Target.  Heels: ModCloth.
I always wear my highest heels while opening mail.  Don't you?

Jul 26, 2011

Tee Shirt Dressing - My Way

Skirt and shoes: Anthropologie.  Bella tee shirt.
Navy and white vintage necklace.
Vivi Dot Paisley Foliage Sutro Park Necklace and Dot Rings.

There's nothing more exciting (to me) than dressing up a simple, run of the mill tee shirt to make a special outfit.

So here you go:  Tee, skirt, funky shoes, chunky jewelry = today's outfit.  Taaa-da!

Jul 25, 2011

Monday's Mix: Can I Really Wear This?

Wednesday's sweater.  Friday's blouse.  Tuesday's shorts.  Thursday's wedges.

I really love doing this Monday Mix thing because it shows me (and hopefully you too, dear readers) that I (or you) can do ANYTHING with what you already have your the closet.  Or your suitcase.  Or the trunk of your car. (that one's for you, miss b)

And I have a lot of fun coming up with these fresh and different ensembles using a very limited source of clothing.  But today is the first time that my Monday Mix outfit sorta-kinda feels like I just threw on a whole bunch of pieces from last week (maybe because they happened to be on my bedroom floor??) and I just can't decide if this look is really a complete thought or just a whole bunch of separate ideas.

I think it's the two different floral prints that are doing me in.

But, like a good little blogger, I'm gonna post it anyway.  Through thick and thin, I say.
Hey, we can't all have perfect-outfit days.  So I'm just gonna stay inside and drink my coffee and hide from the rest of the world.  

Um, apparently the internet doesn't count as the rest of the world?  Whoops. 

ok, here we go...

The Monday Mix

Jul 22, 2011


Skirt, belt, and wedges: Anthropologie.  Thrifted blouse.

Mmmm, creamy neutrals with a yummy pop of orange and teal.
goody goody gumdrops.

Jul 21, 2011


Dress: thrifted.  Wedges: Anthro.  Hat: Target.
Thrift | Everybody, Everywear

I'm pretty sure this dress is a skirt.
And not just because I found it in the skirt section of my local thrift store.
Ok fine, that is totally the reason I think it's a skirt.

But today I'm wearing it as a dress.
Ha, take that silly skirt.

*hey! take a look-see over at Spunky Chateau for the featured "Thursdays are for Thrifters."
Pretty neat stuff, if I may say :)

Jul 20, 2011

I Like Wearing Headscarfs

(especially when there's dirty hair to cover up)
Sweater: Nordstrom.  Pant: Anthropologie.
Soda boat shoes.  
Vivi Dot Lace Lexington Necklace.
I am going to say this once and then move on:  I am wearing a sweater and long pants.  In July. bah. humbug.

Alright, now that's off my chest.  Thanks.

Today's outfit is nothing amazing or spectacular.  It IS super comfy, though.  And I feel kinda like "50s housewife wears pants" quirky.  But maybe that's the headscarf talking.  Either way, I plan on getting a whole bunch of chores done today and I feel dressed just right to do so.

ps how do you like my ancient dishwasher? 
pretty awesome, right?
hey, it works.  i don't complain.

Jul 19, 2011

Bathing Beauties

today, this post is dedicated to my lovely ladies sitting in their poolside cabana.
without me.
i'm not jealous.
i'm not.

Here's to you, dears.  Lets raise those Bloody Marys high.

Shorts: Norstrom.  Victoria's Secret swimsuit. 

Jul 18, 2011

Monday's Mix: Shorts of Lace

hello everyone, it's Monday again.  sigh.
Here's the week's mixing ingredients -

                                    Wednesday's cardigan                             Tuesday's shorts

                                        Friday's belt                                       Saturday's wedges

alright, I know you can hardly contain your excitement...

the Monday Mix is

I know.  It's the lace shorts.  Again. 
Sorry, I can't help it.
Let's take this opportunity to review just how often I've worn these in the past month.  We'll call it a lesson in Re-Mixing.  This makes me feel better about myself.

-Some lady-like laciness here.
-A quirky yellow day here.
-Today's post.  Obvi.
-I even slipped them into this post, wearing them like a lace slip under a shorter dress. 
oh wow, no pun intended.

So there you go.  You never knew how versatile cream lace shorts can be.  Your welcome. 

sidenote:  along with wearing dirty clothes ever Monday, I apparently never have enough energy to put contacts in either.  Claaaaa-see.