Jan 10, 2012

This Was Tricksy.

Chroma Sport jacket.  Moth sweater.  Banana Republic menswear shirt.
Pilcro cords.  Ann Taylor scarf.  Miss Albright heels.  Gap bag.

Black + White | Everybody, Everywear

I really love participating in the Everybody Everywear challenges, mostly because one day a month I get inspiration outside of myself on what to wear that day.  And let's face it, everyone needs a little help now and then.

Black and white, though.  Hmmm.  I had to think about this one for a couple of days.  I rarely wear these two contrasting colors together because, well, they just remind me of uniforms.  Throw on some black pants and a white button up shirt, and you could easily pass for any sort of caterer, barista, or anyone else in the food industry.  And I've done my share of wearing this combo just for such events.

So the challenge to myself was to create an ensemble that had nothing to do with that feeling. 
The final strategy I went with: layer up the white.  It creates interest and depth to the outfit (well, at least I find it interesting), something you wouldn't normally put on to go serve up some coffee.  Oh and I threw some other neutral colors in there too (navy, tan) for some more unexpectedness.  

Did I over-think this outfit a bit? Maybe.  But I like the outcome... 
so there.  

And strategizing about outfits is a good distraction sometimes, right?  You know you do it too.


  1. Girl, you rocked this look!

    I love the white layers. That scarf and bow from the blouse create so much depth! You did this challenge proud.


  2. Loving the black and white and what ya did with it! Gorgeous shoes!!! Hope you had a great New Year's!!


  3. CUte scarf! Yeah, I totally overthought this month's Everybody thing. Love the whites though.

  4. I just love your shoes, and that you added nudes into the mix!

  5. This is a perfect black and white look. I love the long shirts layered under your shirt black jacket. Too cute!

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