Nov 27, 2011

Retro Flair

Vintage dress.  ModCloth necklace and Kiltie as Charged boot.
Hue tights.

Ok honestly, I'm not sure if this dress really qualifies as vintage.  And here's the story behind it:  

This dress was found some years ago at a little shop not too far from my house.  They don't usually have vintage or handmade items (the tag inside says "handmade for you"), and I didn't think to ask the story behind the garment.  I mean, the print was retro and awesome, I loved the shape of it, and it was an amazing deal.  So I brought it home with me.

The only downside... the fabric is this nasty, stiff, polyester stuff.  It's pretty gross to touch, but I power through it anyway.  All in the name of fashion, right?


  1. This dress is incredible! Bummer the material is not super comfortable but it looks really great!
    Just found you through chictopia :) - Tiffany

  2. I really love your pictures and unique sense of style - very inspiring! Following ;-)

    xoxo StyleMafia

  3. Haha well, you'd never know this was made of "nasty" fabric just by looking at it! ;) I think this entire outfit is DIVINE - from the print to the silhouette to the lace details to the chunky necklace to the booties with the tassels... Perfect!

    <3 The Daily Dani

  4. That dress is all sweetness! LOVE the lace trim and the wedges are of course perfection with it!