Nov 30, 2011

If It Were Up To Me...

...I wouldn't leave my house today.  I'd take my leggings and oversized shirts and plant myself in front of the fire with magazines and a pot of tea. 

But alas, it is Wednesday, not Sunday.

Luckily this ensemble doubles as a dance outfit (just remove the jewelry and some layers), so at least I don't have to change before making my way to the dance studio.
Score one for me.

American Eagle purple striped shirt.  H&M black striped shirt.
Lululemon leggings.  Sweater vest: Target.  Boots: ModCloth.


  1. You look so warm and cozy, and you'd be picture perfect sitting in front of the fireplace! :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  2. Such a gorgeous outfit! I love, love, love!

  3. I love this outfit, I seen to automatically make every outfit I wear Pilates ready, leggings and legwarmers and boots are the best combo ever!

  4. ooh, i love those layers, especially the shirts. it looks perfect for winter weather! and i hear you - i wear my yoga stuff everywhere and tell myself that a sweater and cowl make it okay to wear in public. i'm not fooling anyone, but i don't care. :O)