Nov 11, 2011

An Intervention

Knitted & Knotted sweater.  H&M menswear shirt.  Marrakech pants.
Mumsy earrings.  Camper boots.  H&M socks.

That's right.  I'm staging an intervention.  For myself.  There's gonna be a sign and everything.

It's gonna go like this:
You.  Stacie.  Step aWAY from the plaid.  
Slowly, just a few steps at a time.  And no one will get hurt.  I promise.
You can do it, I know you can.  Because I have faith in you.  I mean me. 

But seriously, I'm grounding myself from plaid for the next week.  I'm on the verge of abusing it here on the blog.  Don't believe me?  Take a look at my last 3 posts.  Yep, and this one makes four. Are you kidding me?!  

How embarrassing.


  1. oooooooooh, an intervention! can i come? i've always wanted to be part of an intervention, especially a fashion-type one! um, but seriously, i'm not sure if your plaid-addiction has reached crisis level yet...maybe you could just wean yourself off slowly, like only wear plaid one time next week, instead of going cold turkey? because you're awfully darn cute in plaid :)

  2. I love, love, love plaid! I'm also a cowgirl so I wear plaid quite often. It's feminine, yet outdoorsy and totally stinkin' cute. Don't step away, step towards! ;)

  3. awww there's nothing wrong with plaid. and i love those socks with those boots! omg!

  4. There's no such thing as too much plaid! The first thing I noticed about your outfit was the awesome shirt. Then the skinny cargos. Then the awesome boots.

  5. ...And I am on a plaid hunt, haha! I just bought my very first plaid-ish shirt today! And I LOVE it :) I also love yours :) the layering in this outfit is really nice! x

  6. Ha! Thanks all for the plaidcouragement.
    As you can tell, I love plaid too. But I just need to challenge myself to wear some other things for the next couple of days. Don't think I'd be able to ever completely give it up. :)