Nov 8, 2011

Favorite Coat of the Moment: The Plaid Swing

H&M coat, gloves, and dress.  Forever 21 boots.

Does anyone else get excited when it's time to pull out all your winter coats that have been hiding in the basement all summer? (like, all 2 months of it.  right?)

Well, I sure do.  And this plaid swing coat is my favorite right now.  I bought it at the end of the season last year for a steal, and sort of forgot about it over the past few months. 

And now it's my go-to coat.  It just fancifies any boring outfit I layer it over.  That's right, I said fancifies.  (think glorify, but fancy.  Don't judge.  I like to make up words.  That's socially acceptable, right?)  

What would have made a great tale is if I found 20 bucks in the pocket when I rescued it from the depths of downstairs.

But I didn't.  So that's all to my story.  You're welcome.

1 comment:

  1. The one you’re wearing in that photo of yours looks great on you! Pairing the outfit with those boots made the look complete. It’s clear you have a great taste for fashion. You know what clothes to pick, and how to make them work with other accessories.

    Joel Salmon