Nov 14, 2011

Monday's Mix: Ha! Not Plaid!

Ok friends.  Even I had doubts about sticking to no plaid for today's Monday mix.  
I mean, for goodness sake, every top I wore last week was plaid.  And I'm not about to create some sort of topless Monday Mix.  ewwww.

But, ah- ha!  Remember how I layered a striped shirt under Wednesday's plaid?  
No? you don't?  
What? you're not paying attention to every single detail of my outfits?
How dare you.

Well, no matter.  I remembered.  Luckily.

Wednesday's striped shirt and booties.      Friday's pants.  

and here we go... these separates mixed from last week's post is today's:

Monday Mix

Happy new week everyone!


  1. I LOVE this outfit. It's so cute and all the little details and perfect... the flower is adorable and the little belt ties it all together (literally and figuratively!). :) Happy Monday!

  2. Very pretty, but I love plaid so please wear away!

  3. Cute! Cute! Cute! I wish I knew how to pull this kind of stuff off!