Jul 3, 2012

Hello, Internets. Whatcha been up to?

H&M menswear plaid shirt.  Lush tank top.  Motherhood Maternity shorts.
vintage boots.

Well, what have I been up to, you counter back?
Oh you know, nothing much, just growing a baby inside of me.

Turns out it's kinda exhausting work.

But I only have about 3 weeks or so left (!!!!)
And I'm gonna try to make these 3 weeks count, man.

Because once Baby gets here, who knows what will happen.

Could be sweat pants and slippers for the rest of the summer...
And no one wants a blog post about that.  

1 comment:

  1. No its not sweat pants for the rest of the summer! Maybe in winter ;-)
    It's gonna be exiting, but in the first week babys sleep so much - they will never do again!
    Nice you're back!