Aug 9, 2011

Mix Those Prints

Old Navy top.  Gap skirt.  Vintage scarf.
ModCloth clutch and heels.
Pattern Mixing | Everybody, Everywear

I really wish there was an awesome, specific, 'ah-ha' story I could share with you when I realized it was ok to mix and match prints together.

But I don't have one.  Sorry.  So I'll generalize:

there was a moment. probably in my bedroom. probably standing in front of my mirror. probably with some crazy-craze combination of prints or patterns on. and I probably was wondering if I could actually wear whatever outfit it was into the real world.

And then a lightbulb goes off in my head- 

a.) um, I can buy dresses or tops or whatever with not-necessarily-matching-prints on them.  
b.) I've seen such things in real live stores.    
c.) heck, I usually covet said items and want to take them home with me.  
d.) so why can't I create them out of the separates that I already own?

But in all honesty, I don't know when I started rationalizing the mixing of prints.  But boy, I'm sure glad I did.  
Because prints are fun.  And interesting. And you have to be sorta clever to make the outfit work together.
Kinda like a clothing collage.  And who doesn't love collages?  


  1. Gorgeous! I LOVE that you used patterns with different colors. You see a lot of black and white stripes paired with prints, but not black and white prints with other prints! Love the headband, too :)

  2. LOVE this print-mixing outfit! I wouldn't have paired the two but I'm glad you did because it looks amazing! and very inspiring too! also love your headband :)

  3. I think I had to see lots of cool mixes on blogs before I got the nerve to try it. Shame on me,

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Vintage ROAD TRIP giveaway

  4. You look smokin' girl! Bold and beautiful :)

  5. you look amazing...the boho chic vibe works perfectly on you!

  6. Mixing done SO well :)

  7. You look fabulous! Love your headband!