Aug 2, 2011

I Like It A Latte

Dress and blouse: Target.  F21 boots.
Because of my 'no dancing in the summer' thing, I have had a lack of sneaky dance outfit posts.  So I'm gonna make it up to you all (you're welcome) by sharing another one of my coffee-making outfits.

Now, most mornings when I'm stumbling out of bed around 4am I just really don't care what I put on.  Black pants? check. Black collared shirt? awesome.

But some days I need more than that.  Like today.  

So I'm pretty pleased with myself and how tricksy I was because that khaki skirt is really a khaki dress.  I've had it forever and never worn it to work before because the only two dress code options for a top are black or white.

Not sure why it took me so long to think of this, but, um, DUH.  Put a white shirt over the top of the dress.
Geeeeeez, really?  What an obvious solution.  Silly Stacie.

Anyway, here is my take on trying-to-maintain-my-style-while-staying-in-dress-code outfit.  Hope it thrills you to no end.


  1. I adore your boots! Can't believe they're f21. x hivenn

  2. Cute cute dress turned skirt. Love the seam across the middle! Will have to try the blouse over the dress thingy!