Aug 22, 2011

The Flaw in My Plan...

So I had this great outfit planned out for today, ready to start the week after vacay all fresh and exciting.

Then I remembered I told the Husband he could take the camera on his Canadian fishing trip this weekend.  And he doesn't get back till tomorrow.  Shoot.

Well, the good news: on go the sweats!  ahh that's nice.

And instead I'll share with you the, ahem, whole two photos I took on my trip.  Enjoy.

This is what I did the majority of my time last week.  Jealous?  I would like to go back now please.

Hey Mom!  That's you over there floating away on the right.  You're so famous.

We did remove ourselves from the beach a few times and took to the hills where several wineries overlook beautiful Lake Chelan.  

And there you have it.  My two pictures commemorating our trip.  I should be a professional iPhone photographer.

Alright, but I'm not quite done with all my iPhotos yet.  Some lovely things awaited my on my return home...

I was surprised by some blooms on the bulbs I planted this spring.  That was a fun welcome home.

Also discovered the yellow flowers pictured below.

 They were growing out of my driveway.
Because I'm super classy.

So I did what any sensible gardener would do.  
I cut them.  
And put them in my kitchen.  

And finally, was pretty excited to find this bad boy waiting for me at my front door.  
Ah September Vogue.  
Can't wait to dive in.

Well that's it for my little photo montage.
Maybe, someday soon, I'll post outfits again.
I hope so.  Sweatpants are pretty boring.

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  1. I'm enjoying my sweatpants right now too :) And some chocolate...