Sep 28, 2011

Burnt Orange Corduroy. Yes.

Gap skirt.  J.Crew belt.  Seychells boots.  H&M scarf.
Top: Nordstrom.

I guess I'm lucky that I get so excited pulling out my old seasonal clothes.  It's the same thrill I have after a little shopping excursion, except... FREE!  Hooray for that.

This skirt is a really old one (like 5 years?), as are the boots, which are my very favorite.  Technically they are brown leather, but there is an ever-so-slight purple tint to them which makes them compliment soooo many colors, including black.  Honestly though, I'm not sure how many more seasons I'll get to wear these.  They are very well loved and pretty scuffy around the toes.

Oh, and I almost forgot!  This is a dance outfit in disguise.  Yup, there's a leotard under the skirt and top.  After running errands in this the other day, I went straight to the studio, threw on some tights and a pretty pretty ballet skirt, and was ready to seize the day.  Ballet-style, of course.  


  1. I. love. that. skirt.

    And the boots are also awesome.

    As is your ENTIRE OUTFIT!!!

  2. Great job on multi-purposing your outfits! ;)

    Love this look on you. The colors are awesome, from the yellow scarf to the brown/purple boots!