Sep 26, 2011

All I Needed Were My Pink Chunky Heels

Audrey 3+1 dress.  ModCloth Handle It Satchel.
Seychelles heels.  Vivi Dot feather ring.
Pant: Anthropologie.

Honestly, I promise, I did get dressed all of last week.
It just happened to always be dance clothes.  And I'm pretty picky about which spandex outfits I'll share with you.  Sorry.
But, yay! finally! Real clothes!!  Gosh it feels great to put on some funky, lady-ish heels after a week of ballet slippers, bare feet, and birkenstocks. 

Yep, still love getting dressed.


  1. Love the heels! Perfect shoe for this outfit and NEED a pair of those cargos!!!!!

  2. Your outfit is so cute- I really love how the pinks and greens look together! =)

    star-crossed smile