Jul 18, 2011

Monday's Mix: Shorts of Lace

hello everyone, it's Monday again.  sigh.
Here's the week's mixing ingredients -

                                    Wednesday's cardigan                             Tuesday's shorts

                                        Friday's belt                                       Saturday's wedges

alright, I know you can hardly contain your excitement...

the Monday Mix is

I know.  It's the lace shorts.  Again. 
Sorry, I can't help it.
Let's take this opportunity to review just how often I've worn these in the past month.  We'll call it a lesson in Re-Mixing.  This makes me feel better about myself.

-Some lady-like laciness here.
-A quirky yellow day here.
-Today's post.  Obvi.
-I even slipped them into this post, wearing them like a lace slip under a shorter dress. 
oh wow, no pun intended.

So there you go.  You never knew how versatile cream lace shorts can be.  Your welcome. 

sidenote:  along with wearing dirty clothes ever Monday, I apparently never have enough energy to put contacts in either.  Claaaaa-see.


  1. That is gorgeous and I really, really want a pair of lace shorts after reading these last few lace-y posts. :D They are effortlessy feminine and cute and can be styled in so many beautiful ways!

  2. These shorts are so beautiful! I also love all the vintage looking things in the background. So awesome!


  3. Can I just tell you how hard it is for me to find lace shorts when I need them...grrr!! Love the setting, the phone is perfect for this outfit (if that makes any sense) :)