Jul 28, 2011

Kitten Heel. Meow.

Old Navy top and shorts.  Vest: Anthropologie.
MIA heels.  H&M gold necklace.  Nordstrom turquoise ring.
Vivi Dot Teal and Purple Scalloped Watch Necklace.
Along with today's outfit pictures, you get a list of random facts about what I'm wearing.  Here it goes.

1.  I bought these shorts in 8th grade.  No joke.
2.  This top (which makes me squeal with delight every time I take it out of the summer clothes bin) was on sale for right around 3 dolla a couple years ago.  I love it because it's strapless, but flowy and drapey at the bottom.  And comfy.  And it goes with lots o' stuff.
3.  These little grey patent pumps were purchased at the Forum Shops in Las Vegas one crazy-fun night because I could no longer walk in my sassy, super high, peep toe, black patent leather heels that were on my poor little feet.  We literally had to stop what we were doing and go get me different shoes because I couldn't move any more.  Ahhh Vegas.

Little did you know that this seemingly harmless outfit had a bunch of weird little stories behind it.  Aren't clothes great?

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