Jul 25, 2011

Monday's Mix: Can I Really Wear This?

Wednesday's sweater.  Friday's blouse.  Tuesday's shorts.  Thursday's wedges.

I really love doing this Monday Mix thing because it shows me (and hopefully you too, dear readers) that I (or you) can do ANYTHING with what you already have your the closet.  Or your suitcase.  Or the trunk of your car. (that one's for you, miss b)

And I have a lot of fun coming up with these fresh and different ensembles using a very limited source of clothing.  But today is the first time that my Monday Mix outfit sorta-kinda feels like I just threw on a whole bunch of pieces from last week (maybe because they happened to be on my bedroom floor??) and I just can't decide if this look is really a complete thought or just a whole bunch of separate ideas.

I think it's the two different floral prints that are doing me in.

But, like a good little blogger, I'm gonna post it anyway.  Through thick and thin, I say.
Hey, we can't all have perfect-outfit days.  So I'm just gonna stay inside and drink my coffee and hide from the rest of the world.  

Um, apparently the internet doesn't count as the rest of the world?  Whoops. 

ok, here we go...

The Monday Mix


  1. I bet if you swapped the sweater out for a vest, it might look lovely! Fun post though, Great way to start building outfits you might not think of!

  2. Considering that I am the queen of creating trunk inspired outfits, I love this one!!!

  3. I love the mix of patterns! It's bold and fun. I'm envying that cropped sweater right now...very cute. And I'm also envying those shorts ^_^

  4. diggin those bracelets. ALOT. and i do love how your style is outside the box. :)