Mar 7, 2012

Wait, Didn't I Just Wear This?

Mossimo jacket (remixed).  Frenchi sweater (remixed).  Gap Maternity tee.
Jolt jeans.  F21 boots (remixed).
Vivi Dot watch necklace and polaroid necklace.  Hat: Anthro.

It's true.  I feel like every outfit I make these days is a remix of the ones before it.
But you know, with my body changing shape every day (grow, baby, grow!), it's way easier to grab separates I know work for my new proportions rather than spend, oh, I don't know, a million hours trying to find fresh pieces that will create that next perfect ensemble.  So sorry for the repetition.  But then again, it is a lot of fun to remix...

1 comment:

  1. we forgive you for the repetition because you still look great - can't wait to see how you dress your bump!