Feb 8, 2012

So I have these new shoes...

Lux jacket.  Shae sweater.  Echo scarf.  Lululemon leggings.
Forever 21 legwarmers and boots.   Lucky Penny bag.
Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses. 

I kinda-sorta impulse bought these boots the other week.  
It happened online.  
You know how that goes.  
One minute they're innocently hanging out in your shopping cart and the next minute you're plugging in your credit card info and clicking purchase.  Whoops.

Ok, though, the boots.  I pulled them out of the box and proclaimed out loud to no one but myself: "whoa cute!"

And then proceeded to let them sit around in the corner of my bedroom for the next several days.  You see, I have never owned this style of shoe before, and have been a bit baffled on how to style them without the end result channeling something like this.  (not to say I don't appreciate early 90s fashion.  I do.  But I just don't want to end up looking like I've walked out of an episode of Blossom.  That's all.)

So first take on the boots:  leggings and tunic.  Nothing amazingly spectacular, I know.  But I kinda love it all the same.  

My next challenge: wearing these boots with a dress or skirt.  And I promise no midriffs will be involved.


  1. Um. These boots are freaking BANANAS. LOVE them. I bought the Modcloth wedge loafers because I saw them on you, and these bad boys may be a repeat offense!

    Love 'em!

    Oh, and I love the Empire Records reference! :)

    <3 The Daily Dani

  2. Oh wow, you look sooo pretty! I love the shade of the orange/red... soo cute!