Feb 2, 2012

Hair Tales

This week I got to play around with a brand new Hana titanium flat iron courtesy of the online retailer Misikko.  Misikko not only sells salon grade flat irons, but hair dryers, curling irons, AND makeup and skincare.  Hmm, sounds like trouble to me... 

The funny thing about me and flat irons is that I don't really need them.  My hair is flat.  Oh so flat.  Like, straight as straw.  I get out of the shower, blast some hot air through it, and it looks like I've spent hours laboriously straightening it.

A blessing?  Some may think so.  But you know how it goes, you always want what you don't have.  And I don't have full, luxurious, wavy hair.  So I spend most of my styling hours trying to make my hair look bigger, thicker, fuller.

So you may be wondering, what kind of roll would a flat iron play in my hair drama?  Well, I will tell you.  The above pictures you see are what my poor hair looks like after it's been scrunched with texture cream one day, worn in a low pony the next, and finally styled into a high topknot for dance class.  The end result?  Sad, frazzled hair that somewhat resembles a lion's mane.  My husband has fondly refered to me as Simba when the hair has reached this point in its many stages of being.

(Ahhhh, ok disclaimer.  And I'm guessing you maybe already figured it out based on the timeline listed above.  I don't wash my hair so much.  Gross, you may say?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps not.  I make sure I always look clean and cared for and that my head does not smell.  So there.  Take from that what you will.)

Ok, anyway.... back to the flat iron.  I decided that my head had one more good day left in it without having to succumb to the bubbly madness of a shampooing.  But how do I look acceptable while forgoing the washing, one might ask?  You've got it, the lovely shiny Hana flat iron

The one thing I noticed right away was just how lightweight this thing is, which makes it extremely easy to slip through your strands and maneuver it here and there.  I also was thankful for the multiple heat settings.  There was kinda a lot of product built up in my hair and I was rather leery of strands getting scorched due to an over-heated iron. (I mean, geesh, this thing has the potential of heating up to 450 degrees.  Great for people with super thick, curly hair.  Bad for the Stacies of the world.)  In no time at all, though, (and with very little effort) my hair went from a frizzy mess to smooth, shiny strands.

Yeah, I'm thinking there sure is a place for a flat iron in my bathroom.  And it came in such a nice, soft case for it too... 
So there you have it.  My hair tale.  Hope you enjoyed the saga.  I will be having fun playing around with my new toy in weeks to come, maybe even mastering some new techniques with it.  (waves? curls? who even knows!)


  1. Your hair in the "Simba" mane is awesome! I love day(s) old messy hair. I have straight hair too and wish it was curly so I could get away with washing it less often! I love your Iphone case btw. Cute post!

    Allie Morris

  2. I second that.. your Iphone case is amazing!... And it does look great straight and unstraightened....And well I have super thick hair.. so I'm always wishing it was dead straight and not curly


  3. ....ps: I like your shower curtain!