Jan 17, 2012

Snow Day!

Charlie & Robin cape.  Style&Co cream poncho sweater.
H&M turtleneck and gloves.  cheap-o rain boots.

I know, it looks like barely anything... 
but for this Seattlite girl, any snow is a big deal. Oh man, and they say this is just the start of some giant storm rolling in.  I can't wait.

Probably one of the best sounds in the world is that soft, muted, crunch of new snow under boots.  And I plan to be making that sound a lot in the next 24 hours.
Bring it on, Winter Wonderland.

1 comment:

  1. damn right! I love the sound of snow crunching under my feet, especially if no one else has walked over it! I feel very naughty, like almost doing something illegal when running a perfect envelope of snow!


    Enjoy it while it lasts!